Who do we work for?

If you are a cause-driven organisation big or small, we'd love to have a chat to see how we can help you achieve your funding goals. We specialise in small and micro not-for-profits who are still getting set up or who may not have the budget to have a fully dedicated fundraising professional on staff. 

How can we help?

Our certified fundraising professionals will work with you to develop a fundraising strategy to get you off to a strong start. If you already have fundraising initiatives ongoing, we can help you to assess what is working well and what is not working in your current strategy and help you transform your approach.  

What's involved?

We have a tried and tested method we like to use to develop a highly effective and, at the same time, realistic fundraising strategy that suits your organisation. We will work closely with your team to outline your goals, support your prospect research, map out your network, determine the right methods of fundraising for you, ensure you have the capacity to monitor the how, when and what of donation impact, develop solicitation and acknowledgement templates and put in place a quarterly and annual review process. An important part of what we do is to work closely with you in every step of the way to ensure the final product is something you feel comfortable implementing. We remain available to support you in periodically reviewing your progress against your goals and adjusting the strategy to ensure consistent and sustainable growth of your Organisation. If you are brand new to fundraising, be sure to check out our Resources page for steps to follow in setting up your not-for-profit and ensuring your are legally able to accept donations before launching your first campaign. 

Do we know what we are doing?

Our fundraising professionals are accredited organisational and professional members of the Fundraising Institute of Australia. This means we know our stuff. But it also means we are up to date with professional best practices and adhere to a professional Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy. See FIA Website for more information.

Who have we worked successfully with?

We have worked with organisations big and small, local and international from the United Nations to local not-for-profits based out of a home office. Understandably, some of our clients prefer to remain anonymous. Others like to shout our praises from the rooftops. Check out our Testimonials page to see what they have to say.

How much have we raised?

While we cannot provide any information related to the financial status of any of our partners, we can tell you that collectively over the years we have raised over 200 million dollars and are experienced in handling contracts valued anywhere between a few hundred and several million dollars. As an organisation, Sprout focuses on smaller causes and organisations doing amazing work that would otherwise not get the funding they deserve. 

How much does it cost?

While we do have a base fee, we are committed to helping smaller organisations and we do try to work within your budget. We are not against a bit of DIY, so we are always happy to refer our clients to free online resources when budget restraints limit our involvement. And from time to time we adopt a cause, drop us an e-mail to learn more.

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