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Our Services


Empower positive.


Project design and formulation

Results based project development

Management systems

Project Monitoring and Evaluation reporting

Working within the standards of accountability to affected populations 

Goal setting and strategic planning

Share your story.


Content support for and not limited to; blogs, newsletters, articles, and books


Reports and publication support 

Customizing high-quality collateral creation

Designing impact reports and human interest pieces

Media and public relations consulting

Upgrading your digital image and building brand awareness

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Are you ready to grow?


Helping to get you ready for the grant process

Reviewing applications and criteria

Searching and identifying funding opporutnities


Proposal formulation or polishing what you've got


Dream it. Write it. Fund it. Watch it GROW.

Need more or less?

Or a bit of everything?   We can customize a package that is perfect for you.

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Who we work with

Do you have a dream that could change the world?  

We work with inspired individuals, not-for-profit organisations, small or medium enterprises, and community groups.

Projects big or small, our team has the expertise to bring your project to life and support you in successfully managing it.  The length of our journey together may last between 3-12 months. 

What you can expect from us:

Useful Resources

Collaborative partnership

Informed Advice

Flexible fee structure

Journey support

Satisfaction guaranteed