Not-for-Profit Organisations

fine tune your vision

So you've started a cause-driven organisation, congratulations! Usually this means you have a clear vision in mind in terms of what you would like to do, which is a great starting point. From there, we can help you define specific programmatic and organisational objectives to achieve your vision and to understand how to express your vision in a way that will be immediately understandable to donors and funding organisations. We can also help you to research your sector to have a clear idea of where you stand vis-à-vis other actors in your geographical and thematic areas and what your points of difference are. Having this clarity and being able to clearly express these concepts will give you a distinct advantage when it comes time to seek funding. 

frame your strategy 

We speak 'donor'. Or rather, our years of working with donors has helped us develop a solid understanding of what donors are looking for. We can help you to understand (and explain) how the amazing work you are doing fits into national and international frameworks for development. And develop your strategy using a logical framework approach defining the higher level impact you hope to contribute to, your program objectives, outcomes and tangible results. We work with you identify Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound indicators of achievement to measure your progress along the way and facilitate reporting. 

Take a look at our Project Development page for more information on our process.

mobilize resources

We like to talk about Resource Mobilisation not just fundraising because in order to optimise organisational sustainability there are a few things to think about. We help you look at what you are trying achieve and assess how we can strategically position your Organisation in your sector or region. What is your comparative advantage? What do you need to achieve this? When we talk about resources, we don’t just mean financial, let’s look at what human AND material resources you have and where the gaps are. What is the external resource environment like? What opportunities are there in your sector/region?Once you have a plan, we need to let people know by ensuring you have an effective communication strategy in place conveying key messages to potential resource partners.

Now it's time to implement. But don't worry, we remain available to support you with periodical reviews to see how you are progressing. It's important to take time to reflect on how you performed against the expectations and goals set out in your strategy. This gives you the opportunity to adjust, review and move forward.


Check out our Fundraising page to see how we can help you design and implement a winning fundraising strategy. And keep in mind that Corporate Partnerships can be a fantastic way to gain much more than straight-up funding.