Our Signature Packages

Grants & Proposals

Depending on what your needs are we have services that range from monthly grant searching and matching, to helping develop your Strategic Framework and programmes to get grant ready.  We have excellent grant writing skills and offer services from proposal writing, developing a strong mission statement, goals and outcomes and help with budget development.

Strategic Guidance

Our services are tailored to each client.  We can support the design of programmes that are evidence-based and needs-driven.  And help you put in place results-based management systems that ensure accountability and transparency. Or help you define the overall impact or long-term positive change that the program will contribute to.

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Project Design & Formulation

Using our logical framework as the backbone your project, we will work with the relevant people within your organization to support the full project write-up.  We'll get to know the heart of your work and will collate research to create a solid case for your project.


This is also an opportunity for us to brief any staff who will be involved in project implementation on Results-based management, ensuring each activity carried out during the project lifespan is contributing to the overall objective of the project.

Pricing starts at $500 AUD

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Monitoring and Evaluation reporting

Depending on what type of monitoring has been agreed upon in the project document, we offer two levels of service at this stage.  We can work to enhance the capacity of your team so they can effectively perform this function. 


This may involve designing and implementing quantitative or qualitative assessments and reporting on progress against planned results through mid-term or final narrative reports.

Pricing starts at $300 AUD

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Program Support

Whether you are looking at a major or minor grant, a solid foundation is vital. We will start by clearly identifying the problem you plan to address and support you in structuring your project using well-established tools. 


If you have done your research, that's great, if not, we will support you in gathering evidence to strengthen and build your case. We will lead the write-up of the grant application, including the formatting of financial information.

Pricing starts at $500 AUD

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Fine-tune your vision

Set your goals

Design your program









The Sproutling

Our consultant will take you through a Problem and Solution Analysis exercise to build your organisation's Strategic Framework. This is an all-encompassing programmatic skeleton that will serve as a guide to get your organisation where you want it to go. Next, we'll get to know your organisation, your point of difference, as well as your fundraising priorities and goals to create a tailored Fundraising Strategy so you can access the resources you need to get started. 

Brand Growth

If you've been operational for a few years, but feel stagnant or are not seeing the growth you hoped for in your organisation. This may be in terms of access to resources or in terms of your brand and its reach. This is a re-vamp consultation, our consultant will get to know your organisation and understand where you are at and where you would like to get to. We will design a package based on your specific needs.


Your cause is not getting the attention it deserves. You're in need of a change in strategic direction.  That's where the Overhaul comes in. Your dedicated consultant will work with you over a three-month period to assess, review and recommend the changes that need to be made for you to do business better.